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Hello, I’m Penny and welcome! If you’ve meandered your way to this corner of the digital realm, you probably share my love of the magic of tales as ancient as the British Isles themselves and also my wish to explore every nook and cranny of our beautiful land that has birthed these stories. But before we embark on this shared journey, let me share a bit of my own.

Love of Legends

As a child, I loved reading legends and heroic tales, and that love has never really gone away. Who doesn’t want to escape back to a time of dragon slayers and magic wielders? Obviously, from the comfort of a warm house with a cup of tea!

Walk With Me?

I would like my journey not to be a solitary one. I envision a community, a fellowship of like-minded souls who share this passion. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller with tales of your own or someone just starting their adventure, this space is for you. Together, we’ll explore the mysteries of historical towns, share stories over virtual campfires, and maybe, just maybe, discover a bit of magic of our own along the way.

An Invitation

So, dear reader, if tales of yore and the charm of hidden British pathways call to you, you’re in the right place. Let’s rediscover, together, the enchantment that lies on our own doorstep. After all, every step taken is a step closer to an untold story.

From Armchair Traveller to Eager Explorer

Move forward a few years to discover the fun of swapping the comfort of my armchair for walking boots. The beauty of holidaying in the UK is that you can throw a stone and hit a piece of history. From the haunting moors of Cornwall to the enchanted highlands of Scotland, my travels taught me something vital: behind every cobblestone, ancient tree, or weather-worn statue lies a story waiting to be rediscovered.

Why ‘Fables and Footsteps’?

Our beloved home is a rich tapestry of myths, legends, and histories. ‘Fables and Footsteps’ isn’t just a blog; it’s a journey – a quest, if you will – to delve deep into the heart of Britain, unearthing the rich folklore that has shaped our collective consciousness, and setting foot on the very lands that have inspired them.

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